OPFOR utilizes a wide range of vehicles such as Ranger and Rhino utility vehicles and Bombardier snowmobiles to enhance its capabilities in all weather conditions and on all terrains. As well, OPFOR is equipped with several different types of replica small arms, mines and explosive simulators, and police and military uniforms in order to simulate an ever evolving modern day battlefield. Echelon Troop HQ deals with the administration and management of Echelon. THQ encompasses Operations (Ops) and Dispatch. THQ Ops coordinates and liaises with the other School’s Squadron Ops and processes the School’s TSR’s for course requests for B fleet and rental vehicle requests. Echelon Dispatch is responsible for processing and issuing DND 404’s and Trip Ticket requests for the School. As well, Dispatch manages the School’s vehicle maintenance work orders and Outstanding Repair Ledgers (ORL) using Fleet Management System (FMS) and Defence Resource Management Information System (DRMIS).

Echelon Troop is tasked with providing direct support to the RCACS and its courses. Echelon Troop is divided up into three separate sections: Transport, OPFOR (Opposing Force) and Troop Head Quarters (THQ). Transport section runs in house driver wheel courses such as Air Brakes, HLVW and MSVS courses. Transport section is also tasked with augmenting the schools courses with vehicles and drivers as well as providing a troop lift transport capability. Transport section also deals with HAZMAT and spill response, accident investigation, POL and fuelling, and ammunition transport; all of which facilitate the School’s courses and firing ranges. OPFOR Section employs Regular Force members and Reserve Force augmentees to provide the school with the capacity to create a conventional or non-conventional realistic training environment for candidates on course.