B Squadron effective strength varies frequently throughout the year, however, on any given day there are approximately 110 soldiers working together to assist in the training of future leadership within the Armoured Corps.

B Sqn Articles




The Armour Reconnaissance Patrol Commander course is the next logical step of armoured leadership training, and targets the ability of the soldier to command two armoured vehicles simultaneously. This course is a milestone in the development of an armoured Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) as it gives a decentralized ability to the Patrol Commander to delegate and assign tasks to his or her subordinates. The Patrol Commander is also the direct link to the Troop Leader who ultimately commands the Troop.    B Squadron is also responsible for elementary gunnery training on the 25mm Bushmaster Chain Gun. This course is better known as the Turret Operator Course (TOC) and is the first step for an armoured soldier prior to becoming Crew Commander qualified, whether they are an NCM or Officer. The weapon system is most recognizable on the Canadian Force's Light Armour Vehicle III (LAVIII) and Coyote (LAVII) vehicle fleet.

B Squadron is the RCACS's principal sub-unit that specifically focuses on the training of mid-range armour reconnaissance courses that include both the Crew Commander and Patrol Commander Qualifications.    The Crew Commander course is a course that focuses on the first level of leadership required in an armoured reconnaissance squadron. This is where the soldier learns both the techniques and tactics of how the command an armoured vehicle and manage its personnel while deployed on operations. This particular course is trade specific to both trained Non-Commission Members (NCM) and junior Officers who have yet been qualified as Armoured Officers. Armour Reconnaissance Crew Commander (ARCC) is the NCM version of the course and focuses on their career and leadership progression as an Armour Crewman. The Officer version of the course, Armour Reconnaissance Troop Leader Module 1 (ARTL Mod 1), introduces junior Officers to operations within the Armour Corps and prepares them for their subsequent training as a Troop Leader.